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WaterMark OS

Total Operational Management Software at your fingertips.  Always on.  Always right.

WaterProof Labs

Laboratory Services optimized and approved for the water industry.  100% capable.  100% certified.

WaterLine Chemicals

Certified Chemical Solutions optimized for the water industry.  Every need.  Every solution.

WaterStock PRO

Online Marketplace for water industry professionals.  Tanks, pipes, and pumps, oh my...


Online Community for the water industry.  Make friends.  Learn.  Share info.  Do good things.

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Our Mission

Advanced Sciences

We employ biologists, chemists, chemical engineers, mathematicians, programmers, computer engineers, and more to put state-of-the-art science at the baseline of our company.

Highest Quality Products

Advanced Sciences allow us to make faster and cheaper testing methods, more efficient and complementary chemicals, and intelligent operational and facility control systems.

Superior Service

From our industry knowledge and experience to our always-on technical support and guru services, we pride ourselves in how we service and support our customers.

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